01 July 2010

A Little Chapel on the Side of the Road

This week Sandra, Jennifer (and Jonathan), and I did a 2-day trip to Nakuru. We went to visit our mutual friend - Trena (who just relocated there, from Nairobi). Sandra says I get the prize for packing the lightest :)

We stopped to do some sight-seeing at this little chapel on the side of the road. I was thrilled with the opportunity, as I've passed by it too many times to count - without ever stopping. It was built by Italian POW's in 1942. They were interred in the Great Rift Valley during WWII. They also built the road we were traveling on - a road (I might add) that hugs a huge drop-off and descends down into the Rift Valley.

This interesting tree is on the small compound of the chapel.

The chapel is very small - but very attractive - as you can see from this stained-glass window.



Ryan Y said...

I don't know what's cooler... that chapel or that tree! Thanks for sharing. :) Where is this exactly?

Anonymous said...

That is very cool! Glad to see you exploring some of YOUR surroundings!