01 July 2010

A New 23rd Psalm

The Lord is my warrior; I shall not fear.
He is mighty in battle.
He makes me lie down in peace and security.
He knows my coming and and he knows my going.

He keeps me safe and sheltered, as he stands at attention,
guarding the gate of my abode, my heart, and my life -
yeah, even of my very soul.
The Lord’s watchcare is constant. He is always at his post -
in spite of heat, rain, or cold wind.
Yes, He is there throughout the day and all through the long night.

My watchman is ever alert to outside intruders
And any destruction that may befall me.
He is cautious and wary on my behalf.
He prepares a place of wellbeing for me in the presence of my enemies.

Even though carjackings, pick-pocketing, armed robbery, rapes, lynching, murders,
and all manner of evil go on all around me -
still I have no fear.

My warrior, you are always with me.
You set me free from any harm that might ensnare me.

You, Lord, lead me in right paths, for your name’s sake.
You are my deliverer; I put my trust in you.

You are my Maasai moran - my warrior. You are ever with me.
Your reliable panga is tied at your waist;
Your spear steady in your right hand.
Your runga is ready to go into action.
Even your bow and arrow, they exist solely to protect me.
Your massive and impenetrable shield surrounds me on all sides.

Surely, a sense of calm follows me.
For you are my faithful guard and you are with me always.
I know you are there and I put my complete confidence in you.

I lie down and sleep in peace,
aware that you, Lord, are my personal warrior
and knowing that your hand of protection is on me all the days of my life.

[NOTE - A new study/devotional Bible that I'm using, challenges its readers to come up with a new metaphor for the Lord (instead of a shepherd) and rewrite the 23rd Psalm. They suggest using something that you can relate to (in case you're not often around shepherds). I chose the ever-present Maasai moran warrior for my metaphor. I hope you've enjoyed it!]



Pat Duff said...

Deb, I cried reading this. While the "warrior" image doesn't quite fit this culture, the role of protector surely does. I love the idea of rewriting Scripture, and am contemplating what image I will use to appreciate this psalm that reminds me that He's everything I need.

Anonymous said...

Your rewrite was so cool with the pictures really adding to it -- our God is a personal God.
Thanks for sharing it!

DelhiBound said...

LOVe that! You need to print and frame it for your orange wall!