01 July 2010

More from our Trip to Nakuru

This is Jen's son, Jonathan. He is so adorable and such a little man!

Sandra and Jen are each holding a baby at Trena's "baby house". 
Sandra has David and Jen has Joseph.

"Two many cooks spoils the soup" was NOT the case for our dinner. 
Each of us had a hand in making potato soup 
and grilled cheese sandwiches. 
It was all delicious and the fellowship was great!

As we headed out of Nakuru for our 3-hour drive back to Nairobi, we encountered a huge traffic jam on the main highway. Mwai Kibaki - the president of Kenya - was in town for an official ceremony. This is one of his helicopters.

Here I am getting the scoop on what was going on :)



Ryan Y said...

Deb talking to the Kenyan army man... I love it!

Anonymous said...

I always feel as though I have been in Kenya personally when I read your journal and view your pictures. Thank you for the awesome tour! The Warrior Psalm is very thought-provoking. So thankful you had an actual birthday party.

DelhiBound said...

Of COURSE you ask what's going on :)

Anonymous said...

Deb, I read all of your blog, but couldn't leave a comment after each segment. (?) God bless. Peggy