13 April 2011

Kenyans pay 25% more (since 3 months ago)

(excerpts taken from the Daily Nation, April 2011; article by Luke Mulunda)

As debate rages over the rising cost of living, the true picture of how Kenyans are paying through the nose to put food on the table is emerging. Comparative calculation of the rise in prices of basic commodities shows an average 25% jump in their cost between January 1 and April 20, further squeezing households budgets that are running on falling incomes or stagnant salaries.

Economically speaking, this means from the model low-income budget of $36 in January, a household is spending $9.00 more to buy the same quantity and quality of items.
Between January and April 20, the price of sugar, one of the widely used commodities by households, rose from an average of $2.00 - $3.50. The price of a 2-pound packet of maize floor has increased by an average of 10 cents between January and February, from 95 cents - $1.15.

According to calculations by the Consumer Federation of Kenya, the price of bread shot up by 6 cents, while tea leaves and milk went up by 12 cents and 6 cents respectively. Add the record-high fuel prices - over $5.00 per gallon - and life gets complicated for commuters and motorists.

Figures from Central Bank have pointed to life getting bumpier for Kenyans, showing inflation rising from to 9.17 in early April. Inflation has been on the rise from last October’s figure at just over 3 per cent.

This girl from a slum in Nairobi reads using a kerosene tin lamp for lighting. The price of kerosene, which many slum dwellers use for lighting has increased in the past week by 11 cents up to $1.10 per liter.

A vendor measures flour made from maize, sorghum, and millet at a market in Central Kenya. The high cost of maize has pushed the price of flour from 75 cents last month to $1.00 per two pounds.

Civil society members demonstrate in Nairobi to push the Kenyan government to lower food and fuel prices.


Anonymous said...

These price increaces are unbelievable...such a burden on an already burdened people. Very interesting, albeit sad, post. Pray this finds you well. Rod is so excited about going to Nairobi...July is his target date.

Anonymous said...

I guess you have heard that the price of gas per gal is $3.85 and groceries have gone up considerably in Omaha. Peggy