31 March 2011

Kakamega Rain Forest

Kakamega Rain Forest is in Western Province, northwest of Nairobi, and near to the border with Uganda. It is Kenya's last remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rainforest that once spanned the continent.
Including reserves, the forest encloses about 90 square miles, a little less than half of which currently remains as indigenous forest. The climate is very wet with over six feet of rain annually.

Rosie and I stayed at Rondo Retreat Center, which is just on the edge of the forest.

Job was an excellent guide for our five-and-a-half-hour hike in the forest. In the above photo, he is saving an orchid so he can re-plant it. As we hiked, we happened upon several women illegally gathering firewood in the forest. The orchid was on one of the pieces of firewood. Job spoke to them very kindly about the effects that has on the forest's eco-system. A lover of the forest, he was noticeably disturbed by what the women were doing. He understands their dilemma in needing cooking fuel in order to feed their families. However, he is also very aware that such behavior will eventually destroy the already-dwindling forest.

Job speaking to one of the women

Job and my friend, Rosie

River Yala flows through the forest

As I mentioned above, we spent five-and-a-half hours on this hike. But, it wasn't all hard work. We also stopped now and then to "smell the roses", so-to-speak.


Anonymous said...

one of my favourite places in Kenya. I am glad you and Rosie had a great time. It's a easy place to be still and know that He is God. I love the photos and the way you tell about your trip!


Karen said...

Those are massive trees. How wonderful and what fun to be able to enjoy them.
Love you, Karen

Anonymous said...

When Shitika took Amy to the forest, they took a picture of a beautiful, but deadly Green Mamba curled in the branches of a tree! Would love to see this place...someday!