25 April 2011

Ripe for Harvest, my sending agency

Ripe for Harvest is the missions sending agency that I've been with for over 8 years. I am one of over 200 missionaries serving with this organization. Almost two years ago, Gregg Verbeff became the Field Director (a newly-created position). One of his responsibilities is to visit each missionary in the foreign field where they serve. His first-ever visit to the continent of Africa was to visit 5 RFH missionaries in East Africa - Uganda and Kenya. Gregg's 19-year old son, Hunter, also traveled with him. My friend Ryan (serving in Kampala, Uganda with Ravens Ministries) was the first missionary they visited.

I recently had the privilege of spending two days with Gregg and Hunter. It was very encouraging to me to meet them and to introduce them to just a few of the folks with whom God has me in relationship here in Kenya. On Sunday, we attended Jeremiah's and Carol's 4-hour church service

Gregg shares a few words with Jeremiah's congregation

Then Gregg treated all of us to a wonderful "nyama choma" (roasted meat) lunch at City Cabanas. The nine of us consumed two whole chickens, one goat leg, and a platter of greasy and yummy goat ribs! Plus lots of chips (french fries) and mukimo (mashed potatoes that are green because of the greens blended in).  We also enjoyed a live band from the Congo playing Lingala music, in addition to their accompanying acrobats. Click here to watch a short video of our lunch.

Hunter, Gregg, Derrick, and Jim arriving at City Cabanas

Joy enjoyed her chicken and chips!

Jeremiah and Jasmine

Derrick and Jim ate to their hearts' content!

On Monday, we hooked up with Joe at Java House for coffee and cake. Joe was able to share
a bit about his life history and his current circumstances and difficulties. We had a wonderful time of fellowship over great food and drink. I believe Gregg was able to encourage Joe.

We next met Masudi at Walkers, where he and I often meet over lunch. While we all consumed our delicious fried chicken, we also had a great conversation. Gregg gave Masudi some ideas for a future restaurant after he finishes his college course on becoming a chef. We especially discussed the idea of a pizza joint with a wood-burning oven.

Hunter, Gregg, and Masudi


Anonymous said...

It was so great to have Gregg to come out and visit us. Very encouraged and a very easy-going man to get along with. :)


Anonymous said...

That was great to have Greg and Hunter visit and you could introduce them to some of your close friends you are in relationship with. Peggy