11 August 2011

One baby shower, two anniversaries, and four birthdays

Getting together with friends is such an important part of life! And a good excuse to do that is to celebrate the important days in the lives of our friends - days like the upcoming arrival of a baby entering the world, wedding anniversaries, and the birthdays of the young and the not-so-young.

Ladies from my church helping Lindy get ready for her baby

Celebrating George and Linet's anniversary with them

Celebrating Jeremiah and Carol's anniversary

Joy recently turned five years old!

Margaret and Carol helped me celebrate my birthday!

Davis, Gladys, Esther, Bishop, Angela, Cyrus, Margaret

Having fun with Bishop as he turned another year older

Click here to watch a video from Bishop's birthday!

Carol also added one year to her tally

Joy, Jeremiah, Jasmine, and Jim rounding out the family

Jasmine enjoyed the birthday party!

... and so did Joy!

Masudi also joined us...

... and so did cousin, Tina.

Jim moving his bedding... time to sleep!

Click here to watch a video from Carol's birthday!


Anonymous said...

KICC. That building makes me happy every time I see it.

-Ryan Y

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of celebrating!
Our family just had a big reunion in Denver...34 of us in all.