08 August 2011

A brand new nation, Jenga, and Scrabble

Hanging out with one another is such a great way to deepen and enrich relationships. Cooking together, sharing meals, playing games, and laughing are to fun ways to facilitate this. I do a lot of those things with my many friends in Kenya!

Good times with my Sudanese friends

Mawien and Deng, plus Michael

Chol and Maluk, plus Jacob (from Omaha... on his way to South Sudan)

Kerubino (with his voting ID) - excited about the new nation of South Sudan!

Deng, Chol, Mawien, Maluk, and Kerubino celebrating the new nation!

Playing games - Jenga and Scrabble

Carol concentrating

Jim, completely focused!

Joy, trying her hand at the game

Jasmine, oblivious to it all!

Rose and I making chicken nuggets

Sammy crushed the cracker crumbs

The video is the final moments of a tense Jenga game between Sammy and I!

Michael was the first winner of our traveling Scrabble trophy 

He was also the second... and THIRD winner! Ugh!

YES! Finally, Moses unseated him and is now the proud owner of the trophy!


Anonymous said...

You guys are silly!!

One of these days, you'll meet Jami (just recently landed in Sudan).

Love that picture of Jim focused on Jenga!

deb said...

"Silly"? I guess you mean our Scrabble trophy and the seriousness (not silliness) with which we view it!

Anonymous said...


-Ryan Y

Anonymous said...

I miss Jacob in Omaha and at Emmanuel Fellowship Church. I pray you and he are doing well.