30 November 2013

Nyahururu and Nairobi, two locations and two missionaries

I traveled to Nyahururu to visit Joanie (fellow Ripe for Harvest missionary).
As you can see from the sign, the town is at the equator and is at just under
 8,000 feet in elevation. Where I live in Nairobi, the elevation is about 6,000 feet.
Nyahururu tends to be chillier and also gets a lot more rain. 

It's always great to see Thompson Falls!
It's 240 feet tall and is named for Joseph Thompson, an early explorer of Kenya.

I find chameleons quite fascinating. These Jacksons are especially good-looking.

Not the best shot, but I enjoyed watching
this butterfly flutter about from flower to flower.

I ordered a flask of chai and enjoyed the beautiful ambiance
at the Thompson Falls Lodge while reading a book.

We shared some laughs when Joanie joined me later :)

Each night I enjoyed building and stoking a fire,
basking in its warmth and watching it flicker and dance.

One week later, Joanie visited me for a couple of days. We had a good time exploring a few fun spots in downtown Nairobi, eating some great meals, watching a movie, and chatting about cross-cultural ministry as aliens living in a foreign country.

I love chai, but sometimes I think maybe I drink too much of it.
Perhaps I should cut down to just one cup per day :)

One of our favorite places to eat in Nairobi is L'Arena Pizzeria!

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