27 November 2013

Vervet monkeys

I took these photos at my house. Vervet monkeys often invade our neighborhood in search of anything edible. On this particular day, it was only females and their young - approximately 15 of them in total. Other times, males are in the group as well and they can number up to 30!

Sure, they're cute and I even enjoy watching them frolic in the trees.

But they are quite pesky and annoying, as well! They eat my landlords' fruit and my flowers. Additionally, they break tree branches. I can count at least five times they've come inside my kitchen! Three of those times were Vervets at the house where I currently live. The other two times were Sykes monkeys at a previous house. All five times, they grabbed some of my food (rice, cupcakes, eggs, etc) and ran back outside with it... sometimes leaving a mess behind them.

Just a day in the life of a missionary in Africa :)

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