27 November 2013

Solar Eclipse

I absolutely love being in God's out-of-doors! I'm amazed at the beauty of his creation all around us.

On November 3rd, a hybrid total solar eclipse was visible in northern Kenya. In that area, Turkanaland, 
it was dark for 15 seconds. The entire eclipse was approximately two-hours long.

In Nairobi, at the peak of the eclipse, the moon covered 80% of the sun.

Myself and several members from my homegroup gathered at an open field to view it. 
In addition to us, we shared my single pair of viewing glasses with several folks passing by.

One of many conductors and drivers who borrowed my glasses at their bus stage
One of many children who were curious about the sun

We had an added bonus of a beautiful rainbow in the eastern sky,
just as the sun was setting in the west.

We watched the whole thing unfold with the ever beautiful Ngong Hills on the horizen.

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