02 October 2014

Trip upcountry: A long-overdue visit to Nathan's family and a brief visit with Elaine

I've known Nathan (Bishop's brother) for 13 years and always enjoy spending time with him. But for some reason, three years had slipped by since we last met. Recently, Margaret and I made a day-trip from Eldoret to Fafara / Soy Sambu to see him and his family.

Deb, named for me, is the only daughter in the family. She's now 11 years old.

There are five boys (L-R): Levis (3), Sammy (9), Bravin (7), Laban (14), and Clinton (5)

The whole family, including Alice (Nathan's wife)

It was so good to see Nathan again. I must not let such a long period pass before my next visit!

Margaret enjoying the outing

It was quite apparent that 'wazungu' (white people)
don't make it to this interior village very often!
A portion of the over 30 curious children that gathered from neighboring houses to see me.
Just another day of my life in Kenya!

Too soon it was time to leave.
Nathan and another motorbike taxi friend of his took Margaret and I to the stage at the highway.

We had no choice but to get going, as rain was fast approaching! 

Back in Eldoret: Bishop and his grandson, Elisha (Eli)

It was great to see Robai again, as she was on school holiday.

Another evening, also with rain clouds forming

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I also paid a brief visit to fellow-missionary, Elaine, at Malava in the Kakamega area.

The kids on the compound enjoying a game of volleyball

Once again, the rain clouds rolling in cut our visit short.
I returned to my cottage (for the night) via a 'boda boda' (motorbike taxi) and made it just before the rain hit!

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