07 October 2014

13th anniversary of being a missionary in Kenya // The cost is real; declaring the worth of the One who calls you

Note: I found this article to be quite profound and wanted to share it with you. 
The following quotes are excerpts from "The Cost is Real", by Patty Stallings. 
See the full piece at Velvet Ashes.
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The cost is real.
The endless goodbyes. The missed birthdays and holidays. The wedding vows said outside our hearing. The eulogies spoken without us in the pew. The fellowship and friendship circles that go on without us.

The cost is so very real.
We say goodbye to a lot. Goodbye to family, friends, co-workers. We say goodbye to a lifestyle, to routines and rhythms, to familiarity.

We say goodbye to favorite places that evoke memories and a sense of belonging and comfort, fun and togetherness. We say goodbye to shared experiences, those everyday moments when inside jokes are born, secret smiles are shared, knowing looks are passed between sisters and friends.

We miss out on those little conversations mostly about nothing that create a whole lot of something between two people.

We get that. The cost is real.

Somewhere in the midst of your goodbyes is a sacrifice that you and God have wrestled over. You laid your Isaac on the altar and there was no ram in the thicket to rescue and return your sacrifice. Your “yes” stands. Your sacrifice accepted. And not just accepted, but rejoiced in, delighted over, honored by Jesus.

So, as you tearfully separate from your support system, walk to the car hand in hand with your loved one, hug your nieces and nephews a little tighter, promise your fianc√© you’ll be back in ten months...


The sacrifices we make do not go unnoticed. 

“God is not unjust; He will not forget your work 
and the love you have shown Him 
as you have helped His people and continue to help them.” 
~ Hebrews 6:10

Did you catch that? We show God our love for Him as we serve others. Our willingness to lay all else aside for His name’s sake is taken very seriously by God. He takes note and makes crazy promises to those who obey His call.

He delights in my willingness to pay the very real cost of following Him to faraway places.

Your “Yes” courageously and beautifully declares His worth.

In every goodbye you and I whisper, 
we loudly and clearly declare His worth.

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