21 October 2014

13th anniversary of being a missionary in Kenya // Bishop and Margaret host a party

The youth at Eldoret Gospel Lighthouse Church really know how to dance for the Lord!

Bishop and Margaret - wonderful people and wonderful hosts!

We shared this small cake with 150 people!

Mary Alu, Agnes, me, and Alice (Mary's daughter) - good friends from upcountry

Pastor Nathan, Pastor Juma, me, Pastor Wanyonyi, and Bishop Wanjala

Carol, me, Linet, Margaret - good friends from Nairobi

Some of the youth and children from the church

Everyone really enjoyed the lunch and ate to their heart's content.

Mary, Carol, and Agnes join the worship team dancing on stage.

* Sorry about the audio quality on the videos. I suggest you keep the volume low as you watch.

The youth at the church have a dancing troupe. You'll see a gal praising God with a whistle and some energetic young men dancing. Carol leads worship for a while and you'll get a glimpse of Bishop and Margaret dancing.

At the beginning and end you'll see Nathan dancing. You'll also see Margaret carrying a large bundle of produce from Agnes' farm. She's dancing with it in praise to God. Be sure to look for Carol, Agnes, and Mary Alu dancing on the stage.

** All photos except the last one were taken by my friend, Hannah


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! May the Lord's richest and best always be Yours! Amen!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you, and happy for your dear ones who are blessed by you and the Lord. Blessings, Joanne

Anonymous said...

Dear Deb, it’s hard to believe you’ve been there for 13 years. I know without a doubt that God led you there and that you are effective in your ministry for Him. Keep up that good work.

Love, Ellen

Anonymous said...

Remember we met 13yrs ago in the little town of Kitale, Kenya. The Marabou Storks stood watch over us in the trees across the street. We were in the Bongo Hotel having supper and we noticed another mzungu across the room. I never met someone from Nebraska before.

Well congratulations for obeying the call to serve out love to our Kenyan friends. Bawana asifiwe Deb.

Larry H.

Anonymous said...

I just spent part of an hour in Africa! What a special time with you, your friends, the school children, the weddings, and the celebration of your 13 years in Kenya. You are to be congratulated, honored, and thanked for being right in the middle of where the Lord has placed you. Thank you, Deb.

It is such an honor for me to be a part of your ministry through praying for you and getting to know, in a very small way, each of those whom the Lord has given you to share and minister.

"And you have the power to understand - as all of God's people should - how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is."
Ephesians 3:18


deb said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words. I'm honored to be serving our Lord in Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Dear servant of the Lord, congratulations for 13 years of service in Kenya. May the Lord bless you richly for giving so much of yourself and resources to bless others.

It is an honor to be your friend,
Love, Peggy

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb,
I enjoyed the pictures of your celebration of the anniversary of your ministry in Kenya. When I look at the pictures I see all those whose hearts you have touched. Pictures really do bring to life the people that you have been called by God to serve.

"Father I celebrate with Deb the years that she has be serving in Kenya. I thank You for the people she has impacted with her love for them. I thank You for party they gave to show their love for her. I pray that You will keep using Deb for many years to come. I pray this all in Jesus name amen."


Anonymous said...

That is so exiting that you have been a missionary for 13 years! I did AWANA last night at my church, they asked us to write about a missionary. I wrote about you.
From abby

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb. When you sent this I was in Izmir. I'm back but my body is still 7 hours ahead. Jet lag... uh.

A belated congratulations on your 13th year anniversary! Prayers being sent up for you and lots of hugs being sent to you! Looking forward to hearing future updates :)

Blessings, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for 13 years in Kenya. God has truly blessed your ministry, and blessed you with the gift of serving others. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your celebration.

May God richly bless you, Gerald and Pam