12 May 2016

A collection of random photos from a few random days

This is Fredrick and his son, Blessed Jason. I bought pizza and a small cake for the family
so we could celebrate Jason's 4th birthday. Fredrick is my favorite boda boda driver at Ngong.

While I was in Kampala (Uganda) for a few days in March, I connected with Robert, a friend of my friend, Ryan.
Robert and I spent a whole day together criss-crossing the city while I did some GeoCaching. It was good to see him again.

We also hung out for a couple of hours with Africa, another friend of Ryan's. He's a barber but couldn't cut my hair that day because there was no power in the area. We had a wonderful conversation... and as you can see, some good laughs :)

Boats on Lake Victoria.

Maluk, Chol, and I visited Anne Harvey recently. She and I used to be next-door neighbors.
She's 96 years old and still has a sharp wit.

This is Jack (aka Evans), Anne's long-time friend and care-giver, with his youngest daughter, Elizabeth.

More of Jack's children, left to right: Grace, Manu, and Shelia
We all had a nice time together, and of course it included chai!

Maluk and Chol are South Sudanese friends of mine. Maluk was in Nairobi for a few days (from Juba, South Sudan).
We took advantage of the opportunity to have lunch together and to visit Anne.

Jim, Jeremy, and Derrick at Gospel Lighthouse's Youth Conference in Webuye

This is another friend called Ann. Here we are hiking to homegroup on Upper Matasia Road.

It's always beautiful around Ngong Hills.

Another day, when walking to homegroup, I met Pyque (his unique spelling of PK, his nickname).
He happened to be going the same direction, so we had a nice chat as we climbed up and down the steep hills.

I also chatted briefly with this young man. His motorbike is decorated because it will be a part of a wedding convoy.

Pretty rainbow just outside my house

I took a picture of this flower on another one of my 4-mile hikes to homegroup. Stunning!

My friend, Gloria, surprised me with this nice bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day! 

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