26 May 2016

Trip to Uganda; exploring around Jinja

Boat ride on the River Nile

Ibrahim was a great guide during our 90-minute late-afternoon boat ride on the River Nile.
He picked me up on along the shore at Mto Moyoni, which was very convenient.

We saw a large variety of birds, all of which Ibrahim aptly named for me. However, I wasn't able to get any really good photos of them. We also saw a lot of fishermen out in their boats.

Both of these photos show large fishing nets drying

Source of the River Nile

It wouldn't be right to stay in Jinja for three nights without seeing the 'Source of the Nile". Before heading on to Kampala, I hired a boda boda to see the source for myself.

The River Nile is 4,258 miles long and is the longest river in the world. It's claimed that it's source lies just beyond this small island in Lake Victoria. Others believe it originates in Rwanda's Nyungwe Forest.

"Omugga Kiyira" is the local name for the river.

Bronze bust of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)
commemorating the sprinkling of some of his ashes in the River Nile

Gandhi spent 21 years of his illustrious career in Africa where he championed the rights of the downtrodden and marginalized communities. It was his wish that some of his ashes be sprinkled in the Nile, cementing a long-lasting relationship with the continent and to immortalize his legacy in Africa and beyond.

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