18 May 2016

Trip to Uganda; surprising JB and having fun with amazed children

When I first came to Kenya, I lived with Bishop and Margaret Wanjala for many months. While there, I got to know JB who was their wonderful house-help.

We were told that JB had traveled to visit some relatives and since there was no phone network in the village, we didn't know whether or not she had come back. When it eventually stopped raining, however, we took a short walk to see if we could find her.

All along, as we had walked, adults and children were so amazed to see a mzungu (white person) in their village. These kids eventually came closer and interacted with me.

Sure enough we found her! JB was digging potatoes and was shocked beyond belief to see Margaret and me. I filmed this short video after her initial reaction of surprise and after her first round of hugs.

JB immediately set to the task of preparing an impromptu meal for us. I left the ladies outside chatting and joined JB in the kitchen.

JB sending one of the children for beef

They simply cannot believe they're standing next to a white person :)

These kids had great fun with me in the kitchen!
The really nice thing was that they knew English from school, allowing us to communicate quite well.

Working quickly, JB made us an early evening meal of matoke (cooked bananas), ugali from millet and cassava flour, plus fried beef. We ate while sitting on the floor of a house belonging to one of her sisters-in-law.

Margaret told me she grew up sitting - and eating - on a mats on the floor like this. She was quite happy to do it again.

Somebody did some very nice - and creative - artwork inside the mud hut.

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Great photos, Deb! Joanna