10 May 2017

Catching up, December 2016: Roasted goat and flying a kite on Christmas Eve

Just as we did last year, we again went to Olepolos Country Club for mbuzi choma (roasted goat), although last year we went on Boxing Day (December 26th). It's such a fabulous place, looking out over the Great Rift Valley. This time, I brought some kites with us; Jeremy especially enjoyed flying one for a while.

Mbuzi choma (roasted goat) is a big part of special days of feasting in Kenya

Yummy, and such a big part of Kenya's culture!

A pretty flower on the grounds

Such views like this often remind me of the Nebraska sandhills, desolate yet beautiful.

I had a good and satisfying day, as always, hanging out with my friends!

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