18 May 2017

Catching up, December 2016: Scrabble games, roasting hotdogs, and other fun things

We played Scrabble twice - Linet won the first game and Derrick won the second one. It can be a challenge for people who don't speak English as their first language, but everyone had a good time!

On one of the evenings, we roasted hot dogs outside with my little chimney jiko. 

Making memories!

Robai and I attended Karen Vineyard's annual 'Carols by Candlelight' at the grounds of the Karen Blixen museum. It's always such a lovely evening as several hundred folks from the community and our church attend. We enjoy picnic dinners on blankets as the sun sets behind Ngong Hills, sip warm mulled wine, and sing Christmas carols along with the choir. In a wonderful tradition, we always conclude by singing 'Silent Night' while holding candles.

Ngong Hills, from Karen Blixen museum, on the night of Carols by Candlelight - always a stunning view!

What a treat to have lunch with Denise when she was in Kenya again. We could have talked for hours! As we headed back to my place, Robai and I spotted this construction barrier sharing a piece of random wisdom.

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