04 May 2017

Catching up, December 2016: Celebrating Jamhuri Day with a picnic at Uhuru Garden

Jamhuri (Republic) Day is celebrated annually as a national holiday, remembering Kenya's independence on December 12, 1963. Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya's first president) was inaugurated at Uhuru Gardens on that day.

For several years on this holiday, I've gathered friends for a picnic at Uhuru Park, but this year a few of us went to Uhuru Gardens for a change.

It was a cloudy and wet day, but we still enjoyed our time together! We found shelter from the sprinkles under this large tree, and enjoyed our lunch there.

Unknown to us, a concert was happening at the park.
We got to hear some of Kenya's well-known groups perform.

We had fun checking out all the monuments representing different periods in Kenya's history. The one above represents Kenya's freedom fighters raising the flag for the very first time. Jeremy, Derrick, Linet, and Robai strike a pose signifying 'pushing (or pulling) together', the concept of 'harambee'.

We got a little bit wet at this fountain memorial... making fun memories!

This monument signifies peace, love, and unity
in Kenya's fight for independence.

As we left the park, we happened upon an ice cream vendor... a perfect end to our day!

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