08 September 2018

2018 Home-stay - Kansas and Nebraska: roadtrip

Gerald, Pam, and I met half-way in Manhattan, Kansas for lunch and some encouraging conversation 

During a brief roadtrip from Omaha to Manhattan to North Platte, I managed to visit several folks - friends, family, supporters, and fellow missionaries - and simultaneously did a bit of reminiscing. It was wonderful to see everyone, plus a few more who aren't pictured here.

Deb and Charlie (who I've known since the mid-70's) recently retired after over 30 years as missionaries in Thailand.
It was wonderful to see them again and 'compare notes', so to speak, about life in a different land and culture.

It was wonderful to catch up briefly with a few of the Epting family!

My long-time friend, Mary, always welcomes me with a bed and a smile during my stay.

Wow, a lot of memories flooded my mind when I happened to drive by our old house in North Platte!
My first three children joined our family while we lived here (approximately 1975-1981).

I've always loved sunflowers... 

... as well as wild grasses that grow by the side of the road in Nebraska!

[The post below records my sortie into GeoCaching while I did the roadtrip.]

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