29 April 2009

.... and More

Derrick and Jeremy were recently blessed with these uniforms for the Kenya Scouts. They are very excited about them!

This is their parents, George and Linet. Please pray that George can sell some of his art work. He's been given a loan to start out in his own business. It has long been his dream to make a living with the work of his own hands. I have several of his items in both my Nairobi and Matunda houses.

Please pray for Rose (and her brother, Sammy) as they both attend school. Life hasn't been easy for them since their mom died just over a year ago.

Pray for Vera and Ben as they start out their new life together.

As always, please pray for Bishop, Margaret, and their family and ministry! We're celebrating Angela's birthday in this photo.

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Naomi said...

LOVE these photos! Proud of those Kenyan Scouts!