29 April 2009

More of My Friends

Deng, Emmanuel, Mawien, and Wek are refugees from Sudan. I head up a team at my church that has been instrumental in sponsoring them in secondary school. Please pray for their education.

Joining them in this picture is Joseph and Lino... and me.

I've known Mark Deng Deng for a number of years now. He's also a Sudanese refugee that's been living in Kenya after escaping the atrocities in his own country. He's recently decided to return to Sudan. He believes he can assist others as they strive to rebuild their war-torn nation. Please pray for his safety and that he can avoid any health issues.

Masudi, on the left, recently finished his secondary school education. Please pray that he can find something to further his growth in life - either more schooling, a job, or something else.

Pray for my homegroup in my absence. Emily (in the pink blouse) will be hosting and leading the group.

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