09 April 2009

Sunday School Class

Michelle, Stephanie, and their friend, Harmony, helped Jacky teach her Sunday School class. They taught them the story of Noah and the ark. Each child got to take one or two small plastic animals home with them.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing experience! Wonderful idea too on combining the story of Noah with a take-home of the animals!

Penny said...

It's so good to see people giving time to children. that is where the harvest is but the labourers are always few. Do they have their meetings outside all the time? what do they do when it rains and pours? Many times when Pastors talk to me of building churches, renovating or adding, i ask them 'what provision will you make for all your children?' their faces are a picture. It's as though i'm an alian asking about martians!
love to know what people think where you are.
I think the pictures of the sunday school are lovely. Do they have some good teachers?
Sorry all these questions rather than comments. I suppose questions can be comments too.