29 April 2009

A Great Quote

Thank you for your prayers. Please keep on praying. I’m pretty sure we’d be willing to accept a miracle even if it comes at the very last minute. But we are also willing to bow to God’s good will for our lives. We are the created, not the Creator. We don’t choose, He does. We don’t know the whole picture, He does. Death is an exercise in trust, maybe the ultimate exercise.

Every moment is precious; let us not waste any of them. Love, serve, sacrifice, give more than you take, live lives of integrity, and leave things better than you found them. Seek after the face of God.

- Maxine Talbert, a lover of Christ, friend to Kenya, example to me, and eagerly and courageously expecting to see her Lord face-to-face very soon

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Anonymous said...

Maxine - what an exciting puzzle this has been ... the connections that we can make in this world!

Wishing you peace, Maxine.