02 August 2010

Article in Omaha Christian Living Examiner

The following quote is an excerpt from a recent short article about me by Tara Rye:

Who is my neighbor? Omaha grandma, Deb Smith says, “Kenya is my neighbor.” Just last month Deb Smith, mother of four and grandmother of six grandchildren turned 55. For the last eight years, she has served in Kenya as a neighbor.

Deb states, “Because I am a follower (or student) of Jesus and of His teachings, my life is to portray Him. So, as I meet folks I often stop and interact with them. My attitudes and actions should be like those of Jesus. I should take the time to truly see others and actually listen to them. I must give them the dignity and honor they are due. I try to laugh with them and share their joys. Or, as the case may be, I try to share their pain.” Deb takes Jesus literally, when He says, “To love your neighbor as yourself.”

While on a short-term mission trip to Kenya Deb knew that she must return someday. She has a small apartment in Nairobi (the capital city, population 3.5 million) and a mud hut with a thatch roof in a remote rural village. The nearest electricity to her mud hut is 3 miles away. She uses a small kerosene cooker to prepare meals that she often shares with her neighbors and a lantern to see at night.

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Anonymous said...

Very cool article, mom!

Lila said...

Great article!

zekedancin said...

Oh I LOVED that article! So wonderful to hear about your awesome mom in another person's words!