02 August 2010

Scrabble Games

Ben (left) and Joe (right) recently spent some time with me. Besides good fellowship and discussing the Word of God, we also played two 2-hour games of Scrabble. It was a first for both of the guys. Being avid readers, I knew they would catch on quickly and enjoy the challenge. We had a great time and plan to do it again soon!


kim said...

exciting to see/hear what is going on for you
i KNOW you were excited about those shoes!!

listen, would you write about the music you experience there?
that is of great interest to me...

miss you and am proud of you.


DelhiBound said...

Love that you're still playing Scrabble!

karensnewton said...

SCRABBLE is a great game for anyone of any age. Love the challenge. Great that you can have such great fun.