17 August 2010

Jim and I cycle to Ngong Hills

You can see by the look on his face how difficult it was
to climb these hills in such high elevation!

Two of the several children we interacted with throughout our day.
Notice the green "yes" visor the one boy is wearing to indicate 
his loyalties for the (then upcoming) referendum.

Ai! Mimi na choka sana!
[Translation - I am very tired!]

These are 5 of the 6 new wind generators on the hills.
Jim was quite enthralled with them (especially the "whoosh" sound they make).

We enjoyed getting off our bikes and sitting down.
We shared our picnic lunch with several children that strolled by.

It was a great day of adventure and challenge for both of us.
We've already discussed plans of doing it again in December.


Anonymous said...

Wind power in Kenya! Love it. A few nights ago I went to watch a soccer match and before the match they were showing a newscast from Kenya because there is a nearby university that has lots of Kenyan. 9 - Is that the name? But it was interesting. Very professional compared to what we get for news in Uganda.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that they had a woosh sound! I've never been close enough to them!

stayingfocused said...

I did not know they made any noise! Driving here in Iowa we see them a lot. I never got close enough to listen to them. I love riding my bike out on our bike trails. Although I am not able to get out there now due to knee replacement surgery a month ago, I hope to get back out there soon. Such good exercise. Miss you Deb!