11 July 2011

Terran, 33 days visiting me in Kenya

Terran Charles Hattaway is my oldest grandchild. Sixteen years ago, I was present as he made his grand entrance into the world! What a delight it has been to watch him grow up and mature into a fine young man!

During the month of June, Terran visited me in Kenya. It was his second time to do so... the first being 2004, when he was nine-years old. Both times he adapted well to my life here.

He has now lived in Delhi, India for two years with his parents, sister, and brother. He has become a seasoned traveler and has come to understand the world outside his country of origin. I think it's great he's had such opportunities.

Instead of cartoons, Terran grew up watching Animal Planet, National Geographic, and the History Channel. He has always been very intelligent and quite well read. His Papa (my dad) exposed him to such things as physics and hydraulics and a general sense of wonder about the world and how things work.

Extremely savvy about current world news, the latest technologies, and new discoveries in science... Terran can carry on an adult conversation with anyone... about virtually any subject. He has very astute problem-solving skills. He is also very social and engages well with folks of all ages and all walks of life. Quite self-confident, he is comfortable in any setting and circumstance.

He has an interesting blend of diverse interests... a rare young man who loves both books and sports. He devours magazines like "Popular Mechanics". Terran's mind seemingly never goes to sleep... as he absorbs and understands virtually everything he reads. He truly is a product of his generation, growing up in the "information age".

Terran is at that age when he will start to face many decisions about his future. Which road will he choose? What educational opportunities will he pursue? Which occupation? Where will he choose to settle down?

What will he choose as his purpose in life? What values will he esteem and hold high? What mark will he leave on humanity?

"Grandparents are proud of their grandchildren." 
- Proverbs 17:6 (Good News)

How true that is! I am very proud of each one of my grandchildren... Terran included!

"Good people will have wealth to leave to their grandchildren."
- Proverbs 13:22 (Good News) 

In terms of monetary value, I don't own very much in this world. For instance, I own two bicycles... but I don't own a house or a car. I used to own a mud hut (made out of dirt, sticks, and grass)... but I recently gave it away.

In the absence of such "wealth", I hope to leave to each one of my grandchildren:

  • a contagious excitement about life
  • an adventurous spirit
  • a sense of anticipation for what's around the next bend

I pray that they will learn from me:
  • to embrace all that God created them to be
  • to be generous to others who need a helping hand
  • to always offer love and understanding... instead of judgment
  • to love their neighbor the same way they love themselves
  • to be a servant... putting the needs of others ahead of their own
  • to take the time to look people in the eye 
  • and to listen to those they meet along the way


Delhibound said...

That was cool, mom! He is indeed a great kid. We are anxiously waiting to see what he decides to "be" !!

deb said...

The sky is the limit! He's FULL of potential!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours. I love the fact how much you love your grandson (and all your kids and grandkids for that matter).

I think Terran is a very blessed guy to be able to spend 33 days with his grandma in Kenya and to see your heart for the Lord and the people of Kenya.


deb said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! It was quite easy to write!

And, yes... I do love each and every one of them!

I hope Terran shares your sentiments about his time with me :)

Gma Mary said...

Love this post and I know first hand that it is so so true. Terran has always been able to carry on a conversation with adults. His Papa loved to spend time with him and teach him. He told his science teacher in about second grade, that he knew it already, because his Papa had taught him that!!!

deb said...

Ah, yes! That's such a great story of Terran's comment to his teacher!

Anonymous said...

Oh,Deb, your biography of Terran was wonderful! What a success story and it will be very interesting to see the career he pursues. What a special grandson.

deb said...

Thanks, Peggy!