22 January 2015

Christmas road-trip: Hanging out in Kisumu

At an area on Lake Victoria known as Tilapia Beach (near downtown Kisumu), a person can  enjoy a meal of freshly-caught fish from one of numerous crudely built cafés or buy cheap trinkets from roaming hawkers. You can also have your car washed - right in the lake. I'm not so sure, though, about the environmental impact of driving the cars and even large trucks right into the water.

Judging by his wobbly legs, this little one must have been only a day or two old.

Hannah and I enjoyed a stroll around Impala Sanctuary. It has many caged animals, but Vervet monkeys (above) and Impala antelope (below) roam freely.

A nice close-up of this leopard, who had just been fed a chunk of raw meat for lunch.

When we attended church at Calvary Chapel, Dave (far right), was asked by Charlie to illustrate a point in the sermon.

Enjoying a cool chocolate milkshake, on a hot day, at Al-Noor Café.

We watched a beautiful sunset at Kiboko Bay on our last day of the trip.

All photos except the last one were taken by my friend, Hannah.

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