21 January 2015

Christmas road-trip: Hiking at Ndere Island

Dave and Hannah

Ndere Island (1.5 square miles) is in Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria, 25 miles west of Kisumu. It's covered with savannah grass and forest. Since 1986, when it was gazetted as a national park, it's been uninhabited. Ndere means "meeting place" in Dholuo, the local language. As you can see in the top photo, there were many smaller islands within view.

My American missionary friend, Dave, joined Hannah and I on a very enjoyable outing at the island. We spent several hours hiking and exploring.

We watched this herd of zebra quite a bit, as they grazed and ran across the tall grass.

Such stunning views every direction! These are the majestic Homa Hills.

We took a short boat ride from the mainland to the island, alighting and boarding at Director's and Kingfisher Jetties

The head plume indicates this Little Egret is breeding.

Except for the top photo; all other photos were taken by my friend, Hannah.

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Anonymous said...

Love the scenery!
Sharon R.