19 January 2015

Christmas road-trip: Kerio View Hotel and paragliders

Hannah and I enjoyed a wonderful 10-day road trip over Christmas. It was a mix of ministry (as seen in the previous two posts) and pleasure. Christmas Day found us at Kerio View Hotel just outside of Iten, Kenya (near Eldoret). It was a first-time visit for both of us and we loved it! The view is absolutely stunning and the food was delicious.

Coincidentally there were about a dozen German para-gliders enjoying their sport.

Baglefect Weaver

Such an incredible view of Kerio Valley, part of the Great Rift Valley

Village several hundred feet below us

Iten is the home and training ground of many of the world's top marathoners.

All photos were taken by my friend, Hannah.

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Anonymous said...

What a seasoned traveler you are!