18 April 2017

Catching up, Nov/Dec 2016: Faraja Children's Home and Diani Beach with Gloria

Time for morning chai at Faraja Children's Home

Having fun with Max (middle) and some of the other kids

- - - -
Gloria and I always have a lot of fun together: sharing meals, doing Bible studies, exploring, and looking for GeoCaches. Neither of us had ever been to Kongo Mosque, so we headed to the north end of Diani Beach. This cleric showed us around and told us about the history.

Believed to have been built and used by early Arab merchants for prayers as they toured the East Coast in the 14th Century, Kongo Mosque is said to be the oldest mosque in Eastern Africa. It has been renovated and is still used all these centuries later.

Ladies taking selfies down at the water's edge

It was a nice place, with only a few people around. We were both glad to have seen the mosque and the area.

Rastaman's curio shop was the location of one of our four GeoCache finds.

We finished our day by celebrating Gloria's birthday at a nice Italian restaurant, including delicious Gelato ice cream for dessert... complete with candles that I brought along!

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