24 April 2017

Catching up, Nov/Dec 2016: Two unexpected blessings - Snorkeling and Chale Island

I thoroughly enjoyed an unexpected day-trip to Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Park for snorkeling! While we were at the Coast, Gloria received some money for her birthday and decided snorkeling would be a perfect use for it. She even had enough to treat me!

Because the tide was low, it was quite easy to swim right near the reef and see the fish so easily and up-close. I will never cease to be amazed by the variety of fish and how brilliantly colorful they are. Even the coral seemed especially beautiful, in various shades of pink and purple. I got to see a star fish, too! God's creation is so utterly fascinating.

The low tide also provided a sandbar right at the end of the reef. That gave us a nice chance to rest a while before boarding the boat again.

After our snorkeling excursion, we feasted on a delicious fresh seafood lunch on Wasini Island. These boats were anchored near Shimoni, a small town on the mainland.

- - - -
My second unexpected blessing was a day-trip to Chale, a private island resort. I had somewhat known of it in the past, but didn't know any details about it. While Gloria and I enjoyed celebrating her birthday over dinner, we learned about the option of a day-trip. Later, when I found myself with an extra day, I jumped at the chance to venture out and explore.

It was an absolutely splendid place! I thoroughly enjoyed a nice swim in the ocean and loved that there weren't any annoying 'beach boys' around (like there are at Diani Beach). The lunch buffet was spectacular and plentiful, as was the afternoon chai and pastries.

While chatting with a couple of the employees, I unexpectedly saw this snake about two feet away. It was so still, that at first I wasn't really sure it was alive. Ai! Not only was it alive, but I found out later that Green Mambas are quite deadly! Lucky for me, this one was a non-aggressive youngster.

I spent a bit of time in this lovely pool, while chatting with another guest.

Yet another unexpected aspect to my time at Chale, was watching 40 sky divers arrive on the beach.

Sticking with the theme, heading back to the mainland via tractor was another interesting... and unexpected part of my day.
When the tide is in, transportation is by boat, but at the end of my day, the tide was out.


Gloria Sauck said...

Thanks for this blog ad it brings back fun memories with you.

Jomomma said...

Beautiful photos, Deb, sounds like you and Gloria had a wonderful time.

deb said...

Gloria, indeed we always have a good time when we're together. God certainly knew what he was doing when he introduced us!

Jomomma, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Lila said...

Great photos, Deb! Looks like a great time (except the snake). ;)

Anonymous said...

As I ALWAYS do, I thoroughly enjoyed "touring" with you to all those places, seeing the many faces, watching as you spent time snorkeling, and celebrating a birthday.