06 April 2017

Catching up, Nov/Dec 2016: Shimba Hills - Fulfilling my promise to Katunge

I first met Katunge many years ago on one of my visits to Shimba Hills. She was sitting on the ground at the market area weaving 'makuti' (roof shingles made from palm fronds). I knelt down and chatted with her a bit and she invited me to her house for 'kuku' (chicken). Finally, after all these years, I honored that invitation.

[Katunge is the one wearing a scarf in the photo; the young lady is her daughter-in-law; Modi is Stella's grandson; I'm not too sure who that is peeking from behind.]

Drops of water from the previous night's rain

An unfinished house

Mwau carried my backpack

Stella carried the box of groceries I had brought along for Katunge

Katunge was so happy to welcome me to her home.

Once again, having a cup of chai

The two boys are Katunge's grandchildren and live nearby

I must remember to give her a printed copy of this picture!

Life is hard in the 'village', meaning the rural areas of Kenya. People work very hard tending their livestock and crops. If rain doesn't come when it's expected, things can really get difficult. At 86 years old, Katunge has suffered many challenges and ordeals throughout her lifetime, including being a widow for a many years. She barely gets by in life, but maintains a positive attitude and gives all the praise to God.

As I was leaving everybody picked oranges for me from Katunge's tree. You might notice in the video that the oranges are green, but that's normal in Kenya. Sometimes they're orange and green. The video also includes some young boys plowing a field with a pair of bulls, and a dung beetle. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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Lila said...

I love seeing this part of the world through your lens!!!