20 July 2017

My Home-Stay: Enjoying time with family!

During the almost 16 years I've lived in Kenya, I have often traveled to the States to hang out with family. This recent home-stay, at 5.5-months, was really nice.

Meeting a grandchild for the first time, leisurely walks in the woods, playing in the snow, picnic in February, water-balloon fight, fun road-trip, basketball tournament, camping, a ballet recital, throwing Holi colors, remembering loved ones, celebrating lots of birthdays (including my own)... and the list goes on and on!

My immediate family lives in 4 different states, and this time I went to 2 additional ones to see extended family. That makes for a lot of traveling, but it's always so wonderful to reconnect with everyone!

Celebrating my 62nd birthday with Jessica, at a funky new Indian joint


Lila said...

How fun! Other than your accident - it looks like a great time!!

deb said...

Yes, it was, Lila!