15 July 2017

My sermon, part 3: "Focused on Relationships; doing the will of the One who sent me"

[continued from part two]
Now I’d like to show you some photos of a few of the friends God has called me to love in Kenya. The various settings somewhat represent the type of activities we all enjoy together.

Picnic at Uhuru Park, with Rose and Jim

Celebrating being in Kenya 15 years, with Jeremiah and Carol's family

Celebrating birthdays and another picnic in the park,
with Frederick and Blessing, plus Joy and Jasmine

Lunch on Christmas Day with Derrick, Chol, Mawien, Jeremy, Linet and Robai,
plus lunch and a Bible study with Linet

Hanging out and enjoying one another's company, with Deb and her brothers,
plus going to the Railway Museum with Jim, Jeremy, and Derrick

Paying school fees and visiting the students at school,
with Deb and her parents, Nathan and Alice, plus Adu and his mom, Agnes

Paying school fees and visiting the students at school,
with Pope and Robai, plus Jeremy and his mom, Linet

I believe you now feel somewhat acquainted with a few of my friends in Kenya.

[Note: In my sermon, I actually used many more photos.]

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End of part three. Click here to see part four.

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