20 July 2017

My Home-Stay: Seeing friends and supporters, Geo-Caching, debriefing, painting, etc.

This is the little-known "HI" tree in my hometown - Omaha, Nebraska. It's not as nice as it used to be, but I was glad to see that it's still standing. While out doing some Geo-Caching in the area, I just had to get a photo of it... in spite of the fact that I was unsuccessful finding the hidden cache at this spot!

I'm relatively new to Geo-Caching, having started in January of 2016. The majority of my finds have been in Kenya, plus a few in Uganda. But during this recent home-stay, I found my first 18 in the U.S. Fourteen of those were in Nebraska, plus one in Ohio, and three in New York City. In fact, I logged #50 in NYC.

Here is a small sampling of some of the friends with whom I reconnected.

Ethiopian food (called Injera) and sweet tea with Ryan

Lunch with Cheryl, a good friend in Chicago, on a cold and blustery winter day

A 5-hour (!) lunch with Pat, a missionary friend who serves in Guatemala

Catching up with Donna, over a Subway sandwich

What could be better than munching on pickled okra while playing Scrabble?!

Melissa, another missionary friend, introduced me to Greater ice cream in Cincinnati

The Ark Museum in Kentucky was a special treat with Larry

Two wonderful days at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, with Jill

Finally painting the walls, after removing the very stubborn wallpaper

When I'm in the US, I typically spend the longest amount of time at my mom's house. While there, I enjoyed sprucing up her yard by trimming bushes and trees, raking leaves, etc. It was also fun to do some remodeling-type work in the upstairs bathroom.

During my 5.5-month home-stay, I was in a total of 11 states and 14 cities.

You have to slow down a bit to see such simple beauty in nature

For the second time, I went to Baan Sabai (meaning Tranquil House, in the Thai language). Located in rural southeast Indiana, it's a wonderful place to rest, reflect, and renew after another field-stay. Talking over and processing things with veteran missionaries, Dave and Irene is so very beneficial. Additionally, I took many walks which provided more time to process and listen to the Lord... and watch lady-bugs!


Gloria Sauck said...

I loved you pictures of your stay at home in the USA.

deb said...

Thanks for taking a look at my blog, Gloria!