15 July 2017

My sermon, part 4: "Focused on Relationships; doing the will of the One who sent me"

I’ll begin to draw my talk to a close as we look at this concept -
There is provision in purpose! 
Testifying to God’s incredible faithfulness.

God called me to become a missionary in Kenya. In October, I will have been there for 16 years. Throughout that entire time, God has provided for my every need. Not only that, he provides me with enough to also bless my Kenyan friends.

I don’t raise support like most missionaries. Because this was God’s plan, the responsibility for my provision and well-being is his. Not only has he never failed through all these years, but he’s even brought strangers to support me in the work he’s given me to do.

You may know the name, George Müller. He’s was a well-known evangelist, missionary, and director of a large orphanage in the UK.

Even before God called me to Kenya, he had taken care of my children and me. I have trusted God to provide for 31 years. Half of that time was as a single parent and the other half has been on the mission field.

I stand here today simply amazed at his faithfulness and generosity. There is provision in purpose and my future rests very comfortably in God’s hands.

Last October, for my 15th anniversary in Kenya, I hosted a party for 30 of my friends. We gathered together specifically to celebrate God’s faithfulness.

Concluding my talk, let’s shift gears -
Enough about me. What about you?

Readiness for God means we have no choice in what we want to do. 
Have you received a ministry from the Lord? 
If so, be loyal to it; count your life precious for only fulfilling that ministry.
~ Oswald Chambers

The second greatest commandment – loving our neighbor – is all about loving people where you are!

What relationship is God nudging you about right now? Is there a friendship you need to revive?

Perhaps God is calling you to begin a friendship with someone?

What has God called you to do? What special and unique niche has he carved out for you?

I challenge you to develop your skill-set and hone in on your strengths. Ask him for direction and guidance.

Remain faithful to God’s plan as he unfolds it before you. Remain steadfast in your calling and see that you give God all the glory.

Repeating my opening Scripture,

Jesus said, “I came not to do my will, 
but to do the will of him who sent me.” 
~ John 6:38

In closing, let’s look at this final quote.
It’s from another missionary name you may be familiar with, Jim Elliot -

Thank you.

[The end]

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