29 January 2018

Christmas Day: another church service, roasted goat, a walk in the forest, and re-telling the Christmas story

Nyama choma (roasted meat) is a huge part of Kenya's culture, with the most common roasted meat being goat, also known as mbuzi choma. Holidays and weekends are when people especially love their nyama choma and what better day for it than Christmas!

After attending the special church service, we walked a short distance to Legend for our lunch. We all eagerly dug in for mbuzi choma, chips, soda, plus kachumbari (freshly chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, and chili peppers). What a satisfying and delicious feast!

Just outside the restaurant, alongside Ngong Road, these three silly guys entertained us as we were leaving. They're hired to attract customers that are passing by on the road, trying to drum-up business for the restaurant.

Our next destination was Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary for a hike and GeoCaching. Nicholas was our quite informative and charming guide. He enjoyed learning a bit about the hobby while we managed to find six of them!

Jeremy behind a split tree

Once we got back to my house, everyone colored pictures depicting the biblical story of Christ's birth. After that we each read the portion of the story that we had colored. It's become a tradition of mine and is a way to keep alive my Dad's history of reading the Christmas story each year.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you certainly do love the simple pleasures of life, and it is wonderful! I loved the idea of the coloring pages and each one telling their portion of the Christmas Story. Love getting to see your life in Africa; you are so good at chronicling your adventures. God bless!! Sharon R.