16 January 2018

GeoCaching at Oloolua Forest and Carols by Candlelight

I discovered Oloolua Forest way back in 2002, when I lived on the other side of Nairobi. I had accompanied a friend, who's aunt works at the Primate Research Institute inside the forest. After we arrived, I sat politely in the house for a while... but soon left the two ladies to 'tell their stories' and headed out for an adventure. I was beyond thrilled, as I hadn't yet known of any other place like that in the bustling city.

Sykes monkey

When I moved to the Karen area in 2004, I frequented this forest. In fact, that was back when a person could enter for free; now a nominal fee is charged. I would cycle four miles to get there, carrying a snack and my Bible (in the days before smart phones). I hiked around a bit and loved discovering things like the waterfall, the large bamboo clusters, and the beautiful papyrus near the creek. I also enjoyed watching the monkeys up high in the trees.

But I spent most of the time on the bench at the creek, just down from the waterfall. I would meditate on Scripture and chat with the Lord. In those years, I rarely ever saw another person in the forest.

A bamboo cluster
A papyrus grove

Through the years, I have introduced this small forest to many of my friends. In 2016, I also took my daughter and grand-children there. Everyone that goes with me also falls in the love with the place.

And so it was, in December, that I took Linet and Jeremy. We carried fried chicken for our lunch and I showed them all the special spots - the waterfall, the bamboo, and the papyrus. We also enjoyed seeing several monkeys. We spent quite a long time in the forest, and got in some strenuous hiking.

We explored the cave a bit, not sure how far it might go

We also found several GeoCaches, something they've done with me in other places

This interesting tree and vines, believe it or not, is on private property

Then we walked a short distance to the Karen Blixen Museum, for Karen Vineyard's annual Carols by Candlelight event. As always, it was a lovely evening, and another first for Linet and Jeremy. Such a memorable day!

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