10 January 2018

Orchestra concerts, Bible studies, GeoCaching in a forest, and attending a wedding

One of the GeoCaches we found
We celebrated Gloria's birthday by going to Karua Forest. We did some hiking in the process of finding several GeoCaches, and also enjoyed a sack lunch along the way. We were happy to see the addition of several new benches on the trails. It's always lovely to be in God's great-out-of-doors!

Gloria and I also attended three concerts in a span of four weeks, two of which focused on Christmas songs. We thoroughly enjoyed all of them and an added bonus, as we arrived for one of the concerts, was getting to see the Kenya Police marching band. Before each concert, we met for lunch and did another chapter in our current Bible study book.

I've known Collins since 2002 and used to spend a lot of time with him. In recent years, however, we hadn't seen each other much. I was glad to receive an invitation from him to attend his wedding. It was quite fun to watch all the dancing after the ceremony. And it was nice to see his mom, Mary, again plus several other relatives.

Mary's brother, Mary, Franklin, Mercy, Humphrey (siblings), and a niece
(I'm not sure who the guy behind is)

Collins and his wife, Sarah, enjoyed dancing with their wedding attendants

Linet attended the wedding with me, which was held on Madaraka Day (a national holiday in Kenya). We met for a snack and did another chapter in our Bible study book, before the wedding.


Anonymous said...

All the places and people with whom you interact and the sharing time you spend with them are so special to read. I like seeing the pictures of those for whom we have prayed over the years (Colin's wedding, for one) and the new people God has placed in your path.

Anonymous said...

You look good in purple. Collins looks happy. Glad you got an invite to his wedding! I am sure Gloria and Linet love the interaction... Love, Mom

deb said...

Thanks, Marge and Mom!

Anonymous said...

Nice report on this blog. It's nice to be your friend. Gloria