20 September 2008

Life's Little "Necessities"

I hope you'll take the time to try this little exercise.

Just do some counting and add up your points.

You may want to go grab a pen and piece of paper first.

And maybe a calculator.

Do you have a roof over your head? if yes… 5.00

Is your house heated? if yes... 1.00

Do you have A/C in your house? if yes... 1.00

Number of cars you own x 4.00

Number of beds in your house x 2.00

Number of toilets in your house x 3.00

Number of water taps/faucets x 3.00

Number of showers per week x .50

Number of phones you own x 1.00

Each computer you own x 2.00

Hours you’re online per week x .25

Each TV you own x 1.00

TV hours watched per week x .25

Number of videotapes x .05

Number of CDs or DVDs x .10

Each item of clothing x .01

Pairs of shoes x .25

Number of loads of laundry per week x 1.00

Number of electric appliances x .50

Number of plates or bowls in kitchen x .01

Number of meals you eat in a day x 1.00

Every vitamin you take daily x .05

Number of daily glasses of water x .25

Every year of school you’ve attended x 1.00

My total is 66.80

Joe’s is 24.34

What’s your total?

(From Joel Vestal's book, Dangerous Faith, with a few modifications)


Anonymous said...

My total got out of control BEFORE I even added in my tv watching and internet time.

Posting about this on my blog as well .... great tool to make you think!!!

Anonymous said...

My total (estimate) was 92. Some were hard to figure.

I just took Maggie Lantry to Wheatfield's in the Regency, One Pacific Place for lunch. She's returning to India soon. India is in a state of violence & chaos right now.

Luv Peggy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the challenge, and it was a challenge! I came out with 88 and felt so guilty before getting past the first three lines!
What a thought-provoking test!
Sure enjoyed the photos of Joe and your painting.
Have been traveling still and just arrived home to what we thought were two and a half months of "home and alone" for the first time since May-not to be! Took in a boarder for 3 months who has been out of work and struggling with marriage problems. Hopefully, both are getting better already.