20 September 2008

Update on Joe

“It is in our intimate relationships with people who are poor, or more accurately our friends who happen to be poor, that our tainted views of God are transformed. It is our intimate relationships with our friends on the streets or in red-light districts that open our blinded eyes to really see Jesus for who he is. Through their desperation and forced vulnerability, they help us see what intimacy with God looks like. We are compelled to follow our friends who are poor, to God’s heart.”

- Christopher Heuertz, Simple Spirituality

I bought a hamburger the other day for Joe. He really enjoyed it. On another day, I added some "chips" and a coke. He was thrilled, saying he hadn't had a "soda" for over a year!

He's supposed to be eating lots of protein to assist his body in recovering from the TB. He very rarely gets meat, though.

He told me that when he started the treatment 6 months ago, he weighed only 36 kilograms (80 lbs)! He's gained some weight, but not nearly enough. Now he weighs 46 kilos (101 lbs). He's also still quite weak.

Guess we could legitimately call him a "100 pound weakling".

I'm slowly getting the inside of his house painted. It takes me two hours (one way) to reach his place from where I live. I usually paint for about four hours and sit down for a cup of tea and chat with him for another hour. It makes for a long day. I've gone twice now. I think I'll finish up with the painting in two more visits.

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it,
when it is in your power to act.”
Proverbs 3:27

This is Jeroboam. He's a keyboardist for a nearby church and also an electrician. He's re-doing the wiring in Joe's house. Now Joe will have an outlet! He's really been wanting to listen to a radio.

He loves to read. I recently gave him a Bible. He was so happy! He's had to borrow one lately.

“God is in the business of taking people just like you and me
and using us as conduits of hope and justice to the oppressed.”

- Joel Vestal, Dangerous Faith

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Anonymous said...

Hey Deb...
It's amazing how very little it takes to please our African friends and make them smile. Would that we be like-minded...like-hearted. Love the pics about the tea business. I loved driving through the tea plantations around Kericho. What a labor intensive product...much hard work for our enjoyment. Josiah is due here this weekend; sure looking forward to his visit. Keeping you in our prayers with love....