20 September 2008

Some Sobering Information

Only 30% of the world's population is able to read!
What would your life be like, if you couldn't read?

This one may be hard to read. It says, that 59% of the world's wealth is possessed by only 200 people.

The other 6.7 billion people in the world share what's left over!

How the world really shapes up (VICTORIA MOORE - March 2007)

We all know what the world looks like. However, this computer-generated modified map - or cartogram - redraws the globe with each country's size proportionate according to the d
istribution of the world’s wealth.

Compare, for instance, Africa with the US.

Imagine... Only one person in 100 throughout the world has a college degree.
Likewise, only one person in 100 throughout the world owns a computer!

(I used statistics from Dangerous Faith, by Joel Vestal, to make these pie charts)

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Anonymous said...

These stats are crazy to see!! Like you said very "sobering" and "interesting".