15 January 2009

Borrowing from Claire

Claire is a friend of mine from church. I've borrowed these four photos from her blog - kenyanchronicles.blogspot.com

So, so many of the matatus and buses have something or another about Obama on the back.

You can be sure I'll be watching the inauguration on Tuesday! I'll go to Chunge's house again (like I did for the election coverage).

This photo shows how different fruit can look her in Kenya. Believe it or not, the large one (on the left) is an orange! Then... why is it called an "orange"?!?!?!?!

Quoting Claire - "To illustrate this dilemma visually, the picture above is of (from left to right) an orange, a lime, a lemon, a lime."

These are some of the billboards that showed up around Nairobi in December. We were encouraged to drink Coka cola during the so-called "b-r-r-r season".

However, living in a tropical climate doesn't exactly have a cold season!

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Anonymous said...

Well, that was a fun slew of pics!