15 January 2009

Maasai Guys at the Gate

The compound where I live has 13 other units. We have two "guards" at our gate. They tend to come and go, but mostly they're Maasai guys.

Currently, we have Tom. He's great. Funny enough, in these photos, he's the only one wearing Western clothing. He's standing 3rd from the right on this bottom photo.

The guy in the middle of the top photo is the newest one on the compound. I don't know his name, though. He doesn't speak Swahili or English.

A local travel magazine says this about Maasai moran - "gorgeous as a peacock, vain as a girl". Ha! I would concur!

Often, on Saturdays, their friends come to visit them. That's what was going on the day I took these photos.

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Anonymous said...

Love these pictures...the one with you at the bottom makes you look like a tourist posing with the natives...hee, hee :)

Love you!