03 January 2009

Likoni Ferry

The city of Mombasa actually sits on an island. To get to the South Coast, one must use this ferry to cross a channel that comes in from the Indian Ocean. This first photo shows people loading onto the ferry. This time there were only a very few cars. But hundreds and hundreds of people on foot squeezed on. The ride itself is only about 5-10 minutes, but it's a bit of an ordeal with such a mass of humanity.

Masudi and Musyoka on board

This lady is not only carrying a very heavy load on her head, she also has her baby strapped to her back. He's inside the green and white blanket. Can you see the maroon stocking cap he's wearing?

This is one of the staging areas where the crowd waits to board the ferry. The lady looking towards my camera is blind. She's squeezing through the crowd hoping for handouts of coins. Several people gave to her. Notice the large screen at the top of the photo. It showed ads and various excerpts of one sort or another. This was my first time to see it. There was no audio with it, so I'm not sure what its purpose was.

This is a small portion of the crowd that squeezed on for this particular ride. How many packages can you spot that are being carried on someone's head (or back)?

I found 11!

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