03 January 2009

My 2-Week Road Trip

Isn't the front of this bus great?! "Neema za Mungu" means "the favor of God". This is the bus I used from Dar-es-Salaam to Arusha. The company is run by Lutherans, I guess.

Through the course of my two weeks on the road I used four buses. I also used numerous matatus and dola-dolas (that's what they're called in Tanzania). I used several tuk-tuks, a few taxis, and a ferry three times. There are some photos from the ferry below.

This is the motorbike I took from Shimba Hills back to Ukunda. The driver's name is Nzioki; he's also a pastor. My matatu ride when I arrived at Shimba Hills was a little bit hair-raising (whew!). So, I opted to return via a different mode of transportation. Only problem was we encountered rain and... I didn't have a helmet for protection.

This was the bus I took when I started my journey, leaving Nairobi to go to Mombasa. The guy with his arm raised up is selling magazines to passengers through the windows.

Naturally, I did a lot of walking to get around as well. This is the "bush" we walked through going back and forth from Masudi's house to church and various places. That's Masudi in the first photo.

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