24 May 2009

Answers to 5 Questions I'm Commonly Asked

Boat ride on Lake Victoria, August 2008

On top of Menengai Crater, near Nakuru, with Jim
August 2008

Camping on Mt. Kenya, with Treena (pictured) and others
October 2008

Start of bike event on Mt. Kenya, October 2008

Church retreat, Lukenya, near Athi River, October 2008

Five Questions I’m Often Asked

1) "How did you end up in Kenya?"

The short answer is, "The Holy Spirit compelled me there." The long answer is – During a period of three years (which was also roughly the same time my kids were becoming adults and getting established on their own):

  • I did much self-discovery re: my spiritual gifts, personality, etc
  • I wrote a mission statement for my life and annual "assignments" from the Lord
  • I put goals down on paper
  • I spent serious time in the Word, in prayer, in fasting
  • I got my passport after a sermon by my pastor and I told the Lord I was available to go
  • I got my affairs in order; I sold my house and got rid of stuff

I sensed the Lord was leading me specifically to Kenya. My 1st trip to Kenya was for one month in 2001. I went with two other ladies from my church. When I went, I thought it was just for that one month and then I'd go back to my normal life. But... while there, I distinctly heard the Lord telling me to come back. While back in the states, I sold my truck and some land I owned and made preparations to go.

2) "What do you do in Kenya?"

  • I actually do the same thing in Kenya that I did when I lived in the States.
  • I lend a helping hand.
  • I strengthen weak knees.
  • I give a word that sustains folks in their weariness.
  • I offer a listening ear.
  • I come alongside.
  • I mentor, counsel, and advise.
  • I awaken forgotten dreams.
  • I challenge and provoke.
  • I break stereotypes
  • I demonstrate thinking (and living) outside the box.
  • I blow bubbles.
  • I fly kites.
  • I bake birthday cakes.

God sends me to the confused, the depressed, the hurting, the lonely, the downcast, and the forgotten.

My motivating passion is to affect change in individual’s lives. God has equipped me to do this effectively through one-on-one relationships with an intentional goal of mentoring in tangible and practical ways.

By investing my time and energy with certain people, I’m leaving a lasting impact.

A second way I impact others is through the gift of writing my stories. I foresee publishing more books as God leads.

As I continue to obey God’s leading, He will reveal more and more of the jigsaw puzzle of His calling on my life. I will know I have been effective in fulfilling my calling when I observe those I’ve impacted embracing what I’ve modeled and taught and then in turn passing it on to others. My aim in life is to fulfill my purpose in my generation.

Mother Teresa said, "It is very fashionable to talk about the poor. Unfortunately, it is not so fashionable to talk to the poor." Well… I not only talk to the poor, I listen to the poor. I eat with and play with the poor. God has cleverly engineered circumstances to connect me to a handful of individuals to whom he wants me to minister. They live in the urban slums and in the rural villages.

They’ve become my close friends.

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Anonymous said...

What an overall view of our Deb for whom we pray continually! Nice to see pictures of you for a change! "May the glory of the Lord rise upon you" as you R&R in the states. Anxious to see you!